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There are more than 300 stations in the Paris Métro. They are named for artists, writers, battles, châteaux, bridges, politicians, and events. But that’s just in the real world… Enter Stories Under Paris to discover the untold tales that dwell beneath the surface of Paris – one story for every Métro Station.

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December 30 2018

Just a brief note to say that I haven’t abandoned this website.  Unfortunately, I found myself unable to write during most of 2018 – a combination of health issues, work stress, and grief after a number of losses.  I hope to return with some new stories in 2019.

January 20, 2018

Today’s story is called Introduced Species, and is for Jussieu station.  The de Jussieus were a family of physicians and botanists who were important enough to get a meteor named after them, and so I couldn’t resist – this story is about an alien invasion, and the botanists who made first contact.  But it’s not quite as straightforward as that, and the story wound up a little more tragic than I expected.

If you like stories about men and women of science interacting with slightly less than scientific figures, you might enjoy Half Life, which is a story about Marie Curie and  a medium.  You might also enjoy Dragon’s Venom, which contains a time-travelling archangel, a lot of epidemics, and Louis Pasteur.

Both these stories are rather melancholy – apparently, where science meets fantasy, I don’t do happy endings.  But other historical figures have fared better, or at least more light-heartedly – Léon Gambetta and the Battle of the Métro has time travel, submarines under Paris, and a frightening number of references to The Sound of Music, and The Curious Case of the Queen’s Crater has no fantastical elements at all, just an unlikely historical detective solving a crime by using her skill physics.


Wait, I want the actual Paris Metro…

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