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There are more than 300 stations in the Paris Métro. They are named for artists, writers, battles, châteaux, bridges, politicians, and events. But that’s just in the real world… Enter Stories Under Paris to discover the untold tales that dwell beneath the surface of Paris – one story for every Métro Station.

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May 10, 2017

Today’s story is a little later than I had hoped because everything I tried to write in the last fortnight developed a severe attack of the French Presidential Election.  This did not improve any of the stories involved, and I see some rewriting in my future.  I had to start from scratch with a new story on Monday.  But I do want to take the opportunity to congratulate France on kicking out the fascist candidate in favour of someone who is pro-science and anti-racism.  Such a relief!  And now we can all enjoy Eurovision, secure in the knowledge that Europe will last a little longer…

Today’s story is called The Lion, the Witch and the Railway, and is another of my fairy tales.  It’s a little sweeter and less cynical than some of my other fairy tales, perhaps because it is also another story that involves secret inhabitants of Paris, and these are always my favourite characters.  If they are your favourites too, you might also enjoy The Girl, the Gold and the Goblins and Music of the Spheres.

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