Madame et Monsieur LeBrun

Madame and Monsieur LeBrun are a retired couple living in Les Lilas, just outside Paris.  Monsieur was a shoemaker, and Madame was a council worker, but one gets the sense that they also had another profession, from which they are not entirely retured…  The LeBruns like to go for healthy walks around the suburbs of Paris in the evenings, and are not afraid of writing strongly-worded letters to the council if they notice that there is something wrong that needs fixing.  The LeBruns’ stories are linked to the stations named for the town halls of Paris’s various communes.

Story Title Metro Station Genre Warnings
Good Council Mairie des Lilas 11 Fantasy – urban – humour Child in peril, untidy gardens
Home to Roost Mairie d’Issy 12 Fantasy – urban – humour Possible rooster death
Olifant Mairie de Saint-Ouen 13 Fantasy – urban – humour Unicorn poaching, bad opera jokes
Grave Concerns Mairie de Montrouge 4 Fantasy – urban – humour Ghosts, ballet, ill-advised relationships


The LeBruns make a brief appearance in the first Pierrot Pantin story, Pantin in Paris.